Here at TRC Aviation we utilize Cirrus and Piper aircraft. Our rates are as follows. All Prices include fuel. All Cirrus aircraft feature the C.A.P.S. Airframe parachute. TRC’s Cirrus also features AMSAFE Pilot and Co-Pilot Airbags. We know that learning in the most technologically advanced aircraft is important to you. TRC provides it at a significant cost savings when compared to our competitors. We have the most inexpensive full glass panel Cirrus in all of Southern California.

—–>  In the event of an in-flight emergency, pulling the red CAPS handle on the ceiling inside the Cirrus cockpit deploys a solid-fuel rocket out a hatch that covers the concealed compartment where the parachute is stored. As the rocket carries the parachute rearward from the back of the airplane, the embedded CAPS airplane harness straps release from the fuselage. Within seconds, the 65′ diameter canopy will unfurl, controlling the aircraft rate of descent. The final landing is absorbed by the specialized landing gear, a roll cage and Cirrus Energy Absorbing Technology (CEAT™) seats. In the event of a frontal impact the AMSAFE airbags will deploy as well. 


More information about C.A.P.S. and AMSAFE systems are located at the links below

C.A.P.S. System info

AMSAFE System info


Piper PA-28-150 Cherokee VFR/IFR 4pl intercom GPS MFD                                     $135.00/Hr

CIRRUS SR-20 G2 CAPS Parachute, Glass panel, Dual 430’s, STEC 55x AP         $225.00/Hr

PA-30B Piper Twin Comanche (Multi Engine)                                                                 $295.00/Hr

FAA Approved Simulator


Elite Pro Panel Simulator BATD                                                                                           $30.00/Hr

Instruction Rates

Primary instruction (Private Pilot)                                                                                       $60.00/Hr

Advanced Instruction (Instrument / Commercial / Multi Engine)                          $65.00/Hr

Ground instruction                                                                                                                       $55.00/Hr


***Rates subject to change without notice*** Fuel purchases will be reimbursed up to whatever the daily rate at KAJO is for 100LL Self Serve.