Here at TRC Aviation we utilize Cessna and Piper aircraft. Our rates are as follows. All Prices include fuel. Fuel purchases will be reimbursed up to whatever the daily rate at KAJO is for 100LL Self Serve.


C172-N Cessna 172N                                                                                                      $130.00/Hr

PA-30B Piper Twin Comanche (Multi Engine)                                                         $270.00/Hr

FAA Approved Simulators


Elite Pro Panel Simulator BATD                                                                                     $30.00 per hour

Instruction Rates

Primary instruction (Private Pilot)                                                                               $55.00 per hour

Advanced Instruction (Instrument / Commercial / Multi Engine)                     $65.00 per hour

Ground instruction                                                                                                            $55.00 per hour


***Rates subject to change without notice***